Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Word on the Streets

Payola Six: Stern’s Lawyer Speaks
Payola Six: It’s the 2-Day-a-Weekers Who Cause All the Trouble
Drudge: ‘Page Six’ Payola Scandal Tars All of Manhattan
Payola Six: Speaking of Shaken-Down Billionaires
Payola Six: Who Else Has Bought Page Six’s Love?
‘Post’ Gossip Jared Paul Stern Suspended for Extorting Ron Burkle

Scouring the Black Table for Insight Into the Jared Paul Stern Scanda
Page Six Freelancer in FBI Probe

Lloyd Grove's uninteresting take on Jared Paul Stern

Page Six's Jared Paul Stern stung by Daily News

Gossip Column Ethics Shocker! Page Sixer Extorts Guy With Lots Of Money

Jared Paul Stern: Gossipist Gone Bad

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